Applying for a Building Permit in Launceston

Posted by Sheds n Homes on 27 August 2014

When adding a new steel garage or shed to your property you will need to contact the Launceston City Council to see if a building permit is required, and this MUST be done before you commence work on your property.

You may also need to obtain a permit for plumbing and drainage work. The team at Sheds n Homes Launceston highly recommend you contact the council directly, or alternatively, you can contact a local building certifier, they should be able to advise you on what you need to do to legally erect your new steel garage or shed on your property.

To apply for a building permit, simply visit and download a building plan request form.

Failure to Obtain a Building Permit

Failure to obtain a building permit could result in the demolition of your garage or shed, or a huge fine. It will also be made public, so that if you intend to sell your property, potential investors will be able to see that you completed illegal building work on your property

Sheds n Homes Launceston

We supply a large range of premium residential sheds, garages and workshops. Our buildings use high tensile steel sheeting, and we favour Australian BlueScope Steel. We can also customise our buildings to suit your building needs, and can modify our buildings in terms of length, height and span, plus we offer a range of optional extras.

We offer the full steel building solution, from the supply of your steel building kit, assistance with applying for building permits and the erection of your new garage.

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