Decisions to make before Investing in a Steel Kit Home

Posted by Sheds n Homes Launceston on 30 September 2014

The property market can be a rather complex and stressful investment, but also hugely rewarding and very exciting time. Just with any other investment, if you are planning on buying and building a new steel kit home, there are a few things that you need to consider before signing on the dotted line. They are:

Purchase a Block of Land

If you put a lot of importance on location, then it is best to secure your ideal block of land first, and then search around for a steel kit home design. On the other hand, if you love one of our designs, then you might need to shop around for a block that is the right size and shape to fit our steel kit home.

Selecting your Design

There are many factors you will need to consider when selecting your steel kit home design, the obvious ones such as design and size, but then you will also need to look at the zoning of your site and possible implications such as easements, drainage and boundaries. You will need to make sure your kit home design fits on the block, and does so without infringing on any of these areas.

Owner Build or Professional Builder

There are certainly benefits to both. As an owner builder you will ultimate save on labour costs and feel extremely accomplished that you quite literally built your home yourself, however, you will need to apply for certain permits, and then there are also insurances that you are legally required to obtain. Hiring a professional steel building erector can alleviate all of these problems, however this comes at a cost. The choice is totally yours.

Council Approval

In most cases, you will need to apply for council approval for your new steel kit home. This varies depending under which council your property falls. For accurate information, we suggest contacting either your local council’s building services or a local registered building certifier.

A steel kit home is a sound investment, and providing you understand what you are in for, it should be a relatively hassle free adventure – just make sure you do your research for and know what to expect.

Sheds n Homes Launceston has a range of steel kit homes on offer; from your smaller designs that are ideal for use as granny flats and home offices, through to the larger family home and holiday homes. Call us today for more information.