How to Clean your Steel Shed

Posted by Sheds n Homes Launceston on 30 November 2014

Taking the time to clean your residential garage on a regular basis will help you keep your shed in the best condition for longer; which will reflect on your property – keeping its value up. Sheds n Homes Launceston is a big advocate of a clean shed, and here is what we advice our customers to do.

During Construction

If you have only recently purchased a residential garage from the team at Sheds n Homes Launceston and it is about to be erected, then make sure you remove all the abrasive dust, fillings and swarf must with a very soft bristle brush (available at most hardware stores). Once you have done this, give your shed a quick rinse over with the hose. This will hopefully reduce the risk of any scratches to the surface of your shed in the offset.

Ongoing Maintenance: Outside your Garage

Cleaning your shed once every month will keep it in the best condition. This does not need to be a tedious task and will effectively reduce the risk of corrosion that can be caused by exposure to various chemicals, fertilizers and of course, through moisture retention.

Simply spray your shed with a hose and use mild soapy water (a natural solution) along with your soft bristle brush and give it a good wash down. Then rinse off thoroughly – making sure that all the soap is thoroughly removed.

Ongoing Maintenance: Inside your Garage

Though the inside of your garage is less likely to be affected by chemicals and fertilisers, dust, dirt and condensation can build up. Take the time to give the inside of your shed a wipe down also – hence giving your shed a much longer lifespan.

Keep Garden Beds Away

Don’t set up a garden bed right next to your shed, this can lead to moisture and can affect your steel structures foundations and cause shrinkage, expansion and cracking.

Seriously, keeping your shed clean is really only an investment of your time 4 times per year, and will ensure your new garage lasts for a very long time, keeping looking as new as possible for as long as possible.

Sheds n Homes Launcestion supply a large range of quality steel residential garages to the Tasmanian market. Our buildings are made using quality BlueScope Steel and come with additional reinforcing methods to ensure the strong integrity of your steel structure.