Large Scale Barn Design
Queenstown Barn Kit Building

Barns: American & Aussie

A barn can solve many storage and animal housing issues on your property in north-west Tasmania.  Once you decide on the style you want and the dimensions you need, there are plenty of optional extras that can let you achieve a workshop, vehicle storage, or livestock housing.

Style: American Barn
This traditional barn style features the raised centre section, resulting in separate roof lines.  At Sheds n Homes, you can adjust the height of this raised section, allowing you to get the most storage out of your building.  Many customers add in a mezzanine level, or opt for an American barn as you can have a taller garage door for parking larger vehicles.

Style: Aussie Barn
The Aussie Barn can be identified by the lack of raised centre section, which results in a single roof line.  This style offers a different take on the steel barn, and looks great on rural properties.

Both barn designs allow you to dictate the number of roller doors you need, and you can even add them on both ends which can provide clear access through the length of the building.  You can also add in motorised roller doors, personal access doors, internal walls, ventilation, insulation and windows.

Our barns are engineered to be tough and withstand the unpredictable weather of north-east Tasmania.  This range has been certified by ShedSafe and we only use BlueScope Steel in the manufacture of the major structural components.

If you are considering a barn-style home or barn stable we can also help you out! 

If you are after some more information or looking for a quote, simply complete a quote request or give us a call on 0437 120 410.