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Rural Farm Sheds

Farming is a big part of the north-east Tasmania region, and every farm needs a shed to protect their harvest, livestock and machinery/equipment.  With this in mind, the Sheds n Homes rural shed range was formed, and not only will add value to your property but you will be confident that you are getting the best on the market.

Our Tasmanian farm sheds are multi-purpose, engineered tough, and look fantastic sitting proudly on your  property.  You will get BlueScope Steel when you purchase one of our farming sheds, which is a premium high-tensile product (we use a minimum of 450MPa).  Because we use BlueScope, you get the choice of whether you want a Colorbond® or Zincalume® steel.  

Open Front Farm Shed
You have extreme flexibility when it comes to our open front range.  You can dictate the number of bays that you want, and you can also adjust the width of the bays.  You can select two bays through to seven, eight, nine or even ten! 

Open Gable End Farm Shed
Having an open gable end on your farm shed provides plenty of clear access and storage space.  You can adjust the span, height and length; which means we really can achieve the ideal structure for your farming requirements.

As with all sheds we sell, we tailor the level of service to suit what you are after.  We can design, supply, assist with Council applications, and put you in touch with reputable local builders and trades. 

Give us a call on  0437 120 410 to discuss your Launceston region farm shed requirements, or simply complete a quote request and we can start work on your obligation-free quote today.