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Steel Kit Homes

A steel kit home or framed house is a great housing solution for your rural property.  Steel is desirable as it provide superior strength and durability against the weather, and also provides more resistance to termites.

Our range encompasses seven stylish, spacious and affordable designs.  Taking you from smaller granny flats for an extension of the living space on your land, through to large single level and even bigger multi-storey layouts, you are sure to find your castle at Sheds n Homes.

Many of our homes customers take on the project as an owner-builder, which allows them to have complete control over the finished product.  For those wanting more assistance, we can work with you and local builders to get your new home completed.

When you purchase a steel home building kit, you receive all structural components, screws, bolts, beams, joists, roof sheeting and wall cladding – as well as all of the engineering and construction plans.  This allows you to finish the building as you wish by sourcing your preferred windows, doors, flooring, and interior design elements.

If this concept if new to you, or you have been searching for the perfect kit home for a while, give us a call on 0437 120 410.