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If you are handy at heart, chances are you have been dreaming of erecting a workshop or larger garage on your property.  Our garage and workshop combination buildings are great as they not only give you plenty of storage space for your tools and vehicles, but also extensive room to actually get your work done.

Our steel garages and workshops are ideal for north-east Tasmania and its sometimes harsh weather; through added structural strength and industry-leading engineering.  Our portal frame includes a column-over-haunch system to prevent axial torque, as well as our purlins and girts having extended overlaps to ensure you get longevity out of your investment.  This basically means that we really care about your safety and want you to have a strong garage.

You have plenty of options when you have a Sheds n Homes garage designed.  You have control over the dimensions (height, span and length), number and width of the bays, the inclusion of internal walls, insulation, ventilation, as well as a number of other optional extras.  Zincalume® and Colorbond® Steel cladding options are available, as are different sheeting profiles including Corodek®, Metroclad® and Trimclad®. 

Our kit garages come with full engineering plans and construction manuals so if you have experience in building, you may be able to take on the project yourself.  Alternatively you can enlist the services of a local certified builder, or we can assist in project managing you through to completion.

There are so many workshop and garage combinations that are available, so make sure you give us a call on 0437 120 410 or get in touch online to talk through any ideas of plans that you have.